The main objective of the project is to improve resources use efficiency by implementing innovative low carbon farming practices and promotion sustainable use of mineral fertilizers by farms in Poland.


Existent agricultural practices are evaluated under present climatic conditions and using climatic scenarios for 2030 and 2050 time horizons.


Greenhouse gas emission assessment (GHG EA) is being performed for the fertilizers in the life cycle on fertilizer production level for the GA-ZAP factory (WP1) and on the farm level (WP2) for the representative group of farms (for presently used management practices) and for the experimental farms of IUNG-PIB (for recommended low carbon practices). GHG EA for the most promising practices are verified with regard to field measurements (WP3). Additionally, technical and economic efficiency of low carbon practices is assessed, in terms of adaptation to climate changes. The essential element of the project is the implementation of most effective mitigation practices by 8 experimental farms of IUNG-PIB (WP4, WP5). Conducted studies are the base for the carbon footprint certificates of GA-ZAP for the fertilizers production and application. The results of the studies will be used for programming climatic activities of Common Agricultural Policy and for the development of GHG EA methodology of National System of GHG Emission and Inventory and other stakeholders.