Testing the proposed mitigation and adaptation measures in practice.

The objective of the work package is the implementation of low carbon farming management practices taking into account overall assessment of 10 pre-selected practices using the GA-ZAP fertilizers (WP4) and its testing in eight experimental farms of IUNG-PIB. The proposed mitigation and adaptation measures are: use IUNG DSS computer tools for N optimisations; assessment tools within 4R Nutrient Stewardship scheme; tailor N application according to actual crop needs; promotion of in-depth incorporated fertilizer placement method; abandoning autumn N dose; crop diversification with special focus on introduction of leguminous plants on arable land; implementation of cover crops; conservation agriculture practices; precision agriculture methods; reduced N fertilisers use in protected areas. Economical and environmental estimations of the practices are made using the Carbon Calculator V2-26 method and the other method proposed by the experts.